The Anticipated Roll-Out Of Cadillac Enhanced Super Cruise

November 9th, 2020 by

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Cadillac Upgrades Driver Assist Features

Models, such as the CT5 and CT4 and the 2021 Escalade, are about to get innovative technological upgrades with an enhanced version of the Cadillac Enhanced Super Cruise Driver Assistance Feature. Beginning in 2021, Cadillac will integrate innovative enhancements to the hands-free system that allows for automated lane changes on compatible highways at the driver’s request. Inspired by General Motors’ quest for more data processing power and electrical bandwidth, Cadillac is ready to launch an all-new digital vehicle platform.

Embrace The Ease Of Lane Change On Demand

One of the key features of Enhanced Super Cruise is the lane change on demand function. Once the driver activates the Super Cruise, you have the option to tap the turn signal and the Cadillac system searches for an available opening in the next lane and merges automatically. Driver alerts showcase the process of Lane Change on Demand so that you remain informed while driving your luxurious Cadillac sedan or Escalade. If you want to see these enhancements up close and personal, stop in at our Cadillac dealership to learn more. Val Ward Cadillac is eager to showcase not just the Super Cruise enhancements but also the luxurious options available with our luxury sedans and SUVs.

Enhanced Navigation And Real-Time GPS While On The Road

Val Ward Cadillac dealership is pleased to showcase the capabilities of the Enhanced Super Cruise coming soon. One key capability that you must experience is the precision LiDAR map data and real-time GPS that offers detailed information regarding upcoming traffic, construction and alternate routes. This map data is also used to allow for automated lane change maneuvers.

How does this technology work? Each vehicle with Super Cruise is equipped with camera and radar sensors that scan areas around your vehicle. If the sensors indicate that an automatic lane change can be confidently executed, your vehicle, with the Super Cruise Driver Attention System, will make the lane change without any effort from the driver.

Better Steering And Speed Control With Super Cruise

In addition to lane change on demand features, 2021 Cadillac models with Super Cruise will feature improved software to aid drivers with speed control, as well as steering control. The most impressive upgrade is that these enhancements are more user-friendly for drivers. Just the touch of a button or tapping the turn signal engages the Driver Assist system, prompting voice commands that keep drivers informed about actions the system is taking while you’re on the road in your new Cadillac.

While Super Cruise initially launched in 2017, the upgrades that are coming to certain models at our Cadillac dealership in 2021 include more compatible highways throughout Canada and the United States.

You won’t want to miss out on driving a new Cadillac with Super Cruise technology, and you don’t have to when you stop in at Val Ward Cadillac, a Cadillac dealership located in Fort Myers, Florida.

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