Which Cadillacs Have AWD?

2021 Cadillac XT6

Committing to a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice driving power on Cape Coral streets. Not when you can opt for a Cadillac all-wheel drive. The selection of Cadillac AWD vehicles might surprise you. While you probably expected Cadillac all-wheel drive SUVs, did you know that there’s a large selection of Cadillac sedans with AWD, too? Take a look to learn more about Cadillac AWD and which Cadillac sedans have AWD with Val Ward Cadillac, then shop our inventory for your favorite Cadillac AWD vehicles for sale.

What is Cadillac All-Wheel Drive?

While front-wheel drive directs engine power to the front wheels and rear-wheel drive directs it to the back, Cadillac all-wheel drive allows the vehicle’s engine power to be evenly distributed across all four tires. This makes for better traction on rain-slicked roads in Naples. When you get a Cadillac sedan with all-wheel drive for sale at Val Ward Cadillac, AWD is always enabled You don’t need to remember to turn it on, although some Cadillac AWD systems offer different drive modes to customize your ride.

Cadillac Sedans with AWD

There are four Cadillac sedans with AWD available for the 2021 model year. In addition to Cadillac AWD you’ll find sophisticated interiors that make driving in Bonita Springs a delight:

If you’d like a Cadillac sedan with all-wheel drive that’s easier on your budget, check out our used vehicle inventory. This is where you’ll most likely to find a pre-owned Cadillac CTS AWD or a pre-owned Cadillac ATS AWD at a great price.

Cadillac SUVs with AWD

With the exception of the Cadillac Escalade which offers four-wheel drive, every model in the Cadillac SUV lineup can be configured with AWD no matter which trim level you choose. In 2021, this includes the XT4, XT5, and XT6. If you really want a Cadillac Escalade with all-wheel drive, choose the two-speed transfer case 4WD system and gain the ability to shift between 2WD, 4WD HI, 4WD LOW, and AUTO at the push of a button.

Find Your Cadillac AWD Vehicle for Sale at Val Ward Cadillac

Now that Val Ward Cadillac has narrowed down the Cadillac all-wheel drive vehicles for you, contact us to start the process of getting into the one you love!

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