Turbocharged Performance In The 2020 Cadillac CT4

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Turbocharged Performance Choices Give You Options

The spirited performance of the 2020 Cadillac CT4 comes from its 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo engine, coupled with a three-step sliding camshaft technology and Active Fuel Management. The SAE-certified, 237-horsepower engine uses a sophisticated 8-speed automatic transmission to move you firmly and securely down the road. At Val Ward Cadillac in Fort Myers, FL, we want to be your preferred Cadillac dealership. We can offer you a test-drive of the 2020 Cadillac CT4 and our other fine vehicles, so you can find the one that fits you best. When you need performance and quality in a luxury vehicle, the Cadillac CT4 is the right choice.

Targeted Engine Temperatures To Improve Performance

Your 2020 Cadillac CT4 comes with a suite of impressive technology features that offer drivers great ways to get more power and a quality experience. For example, you can expect active thermal management to heat and cool the engine for better performance in weather extremes. The exhaust manifold is also designed to recover heat faster, giving you a better turbo response and a faster warm-up of the engine and transmission. The water pump is electric, keeping the cabin heated even during the start/stop feature when the engine is off. Everything about the 2020 Cadillac CT4 is designed with performance and comfort in mind.

Driving Dynamics That Are Perfectly Balanced

The driving dynamics of the Cadillac CT4 have been carefully balanced to move you efficiently down the road on all your adventures. Built on the award-winning architecture of the company’s rear-wheel drive sedans, the CT4 gives you a nimble and highly responsive driving experience. The rack-mounted power steering system and eBoost brakes ensure you can stop fast, maneuver easily, and enjoy everything from in-town travels to winding country roads. All-wheel drive is available on all of the models, and you can also expect Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 and Brembo front brakes on the Sport and V-Series models. Ready to test-drive the 2020 Cadillac CT4? We can help with that. Come see us today, and we’ll help you test-drive all the great cars you’re interested in, so you can find the one that feels like yours.

Capable, Precise, And Dependable

With selectable drive modes, the 2020 Cadillac CT4 gives you the capable precision you’re looking for. The Sport, Track, Tour, and Snow/Ice modes are standard, and the V-Series gives you the addition of V Mode and My Mode, changing the calibrations for the transmission, steering, brake feel, suspension, sound characteristics, and much more. Run-flat tires help keep you moving, and protect you from a flat tire when it’s inconvenient or where it might not be safe to stop. With so many features and the ability to make adjustments that suit your driving style, the 2020 Cadillac CT4 has it all.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Cadillac CT4 For Your Needs

The performance and driving dynamics of the CT4 give you everything you need for a behind-the-wheel experience you’ll love. Come see us today at Val Ward Cadillac in Fort Myers, FL, and take a test-drive of the 2020 Cadillac CT4. We can help you find the one that’s right for your lifestyle, so you can head down the road and get started on all your adventures.

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