Does Car Insurance Cover Stolen Cars If Keys Are Left Inside The Car?

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Accidents happen. Sometimes we forget our keys in the car and that can leave it vulnerable to being stolen. When dealing with the fallout of your car going missing, you may wonder “does car insurance cover stolen cars if the keys are left in?” Learn more about coverage options with Val Ward Cadillac with our finance center and see how you can recover your vehicle, recover your keys, and get back on the streets of Fort Myers.

Insurance Coverage When Keys Are Left In The Car

Can your car insurance cover a stolen car if keys are left in? You may have coverage as long as you have comprehensive insurance. Learn more about extended protection for your Cadillac at Val Ward Cadillac and read a couple of quick facts about comprehensive insurance below:

  • There are different forms of coverage like liability and collision insurance intended to cover you, your vehicles, and others when an accident happens. All additional cases, including vehicle theft, are covered with comprehensive insurance.
  • Having comprehensive insurance allows drivers to receive damages for the vehicles depending on their deductible and policy terms.

Naples drivers should check their coverage plan to make sure the vehicle has comprehensive coverage to be prepared for any situation.

Does Insurance Cover Stolen Keys?

So, the keys were left in the vehicle, but what happens next when you need that extra spare key and are ready to get back on the Fort Myers roads? When it is time to recover the vehicle and your car keys, there are a couple ways you can replace your stolen car keys:

  • Your insurance may cover stolen car keys. Be sure to check your insurance policy to coverage plans and warranty options.
  • Replacement key fobs can be found at Cadillac dealerships. Visit the service team at Val Ward Cadillac near Cape Coral to find your replacement key.
  • Make note of your VIN number, make, model, year and work on creating a replacement with a local locksmith.

Rely on Val Ward Cadillac!

Now that you know the answer to whether car insurance covers stolen cars if the keys are left in it, contact us for more coverage options. We can’t stop the accidents from happening, but from finding your new Cadillac to financing and warranty options to expert maintenance and care, Val Ward Cadillac is here every step of the way. Stop into our dealership near Naples today!

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