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Cadillac Floor Liners – The Ultimate in Interior Protection

Designed, Engineered, Tested and Backed

Cadillac Premium All-Weather Floor Liners and Mats from Val Ward Cadillac

Upgrade your car or truck with Cadillac accessories, including Floor Liners and mats. Val Ward Cadillac knows that you’re shopping for automotive accessories because they give your vehicle personality and protect the interior throughout your ownership. From snow to dirt to spilled coffee, Cadillac Floor Liners and Mats help keep your car, truck, or SUV safe from the elements while being tailored specifically to your vehicle. We encourage you to compare how Cadillac Floor Liners match up against WeatherTech®. Whether you have a new or used Cadillac, if you are trying to find Floor Liners or floor mats in Fort Myers, FL, Val Ward Cadillac is the place to turn to.

Cadillac Floor Liners Competitive Advantage over WeatherTech® Floor Liners

Not all Floor Liners are created equally. Cadillac Floor Liners feature key advantages over competitors – they are the only Floor Liners designed, engineered, tested and backed by Cadillac.

Cadillac Floor Liners are rigorously testing by our engineers, but don’t just take our word for it. To prove that our Floor Liners are the best choice for our vehicles, we enlisted the help of a trusted testing company. Our Premium All-Weather Floor Liners for Colorado and Canyon (P/N 84056631 and 2381376) were tested against the competition by AMCI Testing, an independent, sanctioned, third-party testing company. AMCI Testing verified performance comparison outcomes and validated our engineering claims.

Testing categories included: Best Overall Floor Liner (using the total cumulative points score across all testing categories), surface coverage, fluid capacity, fitment precision, overall security of attachment/adhesion to carpet, overage coverage strategy, ease of spill-free removal, substantive high-quality feel, and color and texture match to the vehicle’s interior.

Best Overall Floor Liner decisively went to the Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab and GMC Canyon Crew Cab Premium All-Weather Floor Liners with a cumulative point score of 633 points vs. WeatherTech’s® 506-point cumulative score.

The details: 

Third-Party Test Facilitator: AMCI Testing
Products Tested: Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Premium All-Weather Floor Liners (P/N 84056631 and 2381376) and the WeatherTech® DigitalFit® FloorLiner™

Vehicle Application: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab and GMC Canyon Crew Cab

Test Protocol: A total of 32 individual tests were performed in multiple categories

Test Outcomes: Chevrolet and GMC Accessories Premium Floor Liners tested outperformed the WeatherTech® DigitalFit® FloorLiner™ in the following categories:

• Best Overall Floor Liner
• More Precise Fit
• More Complete Carpet Coverage
• More Complete Interior Coverage
• Extended Door Sill Protection
• More Effective Anchoring System
• Better Door Sill Trim Texture Match

Floor Liners vs. Floor Mats

Custom Fit, Full-Coverage Cadillac Floor Protection

Cadillac offers many custom-fit flooring options to protect your car, truck, or SUV. For the ultimate in interior protection, our Premium All-Weather Floor Liners are engineered to precisely fit the shape of your vehicle. They feature extended coverage that will run up the side of your footwell and over the door sill plate, providing the most carpet protection available. When you buy Floor Liners from Cadillac instead of WeatherTech®, you have the advantage of getting them straight from the source. Think about it: Who knows the in-and-outs and custom dimensions of your new vehicle better than the manufacturer?

Cadillac Accessories Premium All-Weather Floor Liners feature substantial carpet coverage for better protection, the right color match, and a push-and-click anchoring system. engineered for a precise fit, the Floor Liners from Val Ward Cadillac provide great looks with outstanding traction and include an easy-to-remove, patent-pending two-piece rear Floor Liner.

In addition to Floor Liners Val Ward Cadillac carries a full selection of products designed for your vehicle. Our Premium All-Weather Floor Mats feature many of the same benefits but in a standard flat mat that covers the base of your footwell. For Cadillac owners looking for a Premium Carpet Mat, we have many options to choose from, so whatever you need, Val Ward Cadillac has the interior protection product to personalize your vehicle.

When Comparing WeatherTech® FloorLiners to GMC, Buick, Cadillac, or Chevy Floor Liners and Mats, Shop Val Ward Cadillac’s Online Selection

Comparison data based on third-party AMCI Testing-certified results as performed on Chevrolet Accessories Colorado Crew Cab Floor Liners (P/N 84056631, 23381376) vs. WeatherTech® DigitalFit® FloorLiner™ — Laser Measured for MY15-MY16 Colorado.
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