Val Ward Cadillac Auto Repair FAQ

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Does Your Auto Repair Shop Service All Vehicles?

Our Fort Myers Cadillac dealer has proudly served thousands of customers over the years, who have brought in a wide variety of car makes, models, trim levels and specifications to operate on. While some auto repair shops seek to specialize in one particular make, our Cadillac dealer not only are professionals in Cadillac cars, but also with models from all other manufacturers.

So, whether you’ve purchased a great new Cadillac vehicle off our dealership lot in Fort Myers or have your beloved car, stop in to our shop today for all your auto repair needs!

What Is Included In My Oil Change Service?
Bringing your vehicle into Val Ward Cadillac for routine oil change service is one of the most common, albeit most important ways to keep your car operating efficiently miles down the line. That said, it is crucial to understand what our oil change service entails to truly appreciate the great value that’s delivered.

With every oil change services at our Cadillac dealer, our customers get up to 5 quarts of oil that’s specialized for your specific engine. Our shop supply houses the right types of motor oil to protect your engine, as recommended by each vehicle’s manufacturer. Whether you need conventional oil, a full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, our auto repair shop has the tools to get the job done.

Beyond the quality products in our oil change service, a brand-new oil filter is installed as well. Our certified technicians then take a brief look at your car through a quick check and balance routine to ensure all other maintenance services are met and no red flags stand out. Where other dealerships might ignore this step, Val Ward Cadillac cares for our customers, and we have built a reputation as the go-to auto repair shop in Southwest Florida for our efforts!

Are Tires Sold At This Fort Myers Cadillac Dealer?

Having a set of quality tires on your car at all times is a crucial aspect of safety, efficiency and overall health of your vehicle across the board. Though it can be tricky to find the right tires at a fair price, our Fort Myers Cadillac dealer is in your corner every step of the way!

Through our innovative search tool on our dealership website, finding tires for your specific make, model and trim has never been easier. Simply visit our website and head to the “Find Tires” section. Then, input your car’s identifying information, and our tool populates all the available tires in stock that you can choose from right there on the screen. Let Val Ward Cadillac do the busy work and make your next visit as easy as can be.

How Do You Schedule An Appointment?

One of the many ways in which our Fort Myers Cadillac dealer continues to simplify the auto repair process for our customers is the options we provide for scheduling. Val Ward Cadillac always has the option for our drivers to quickly call in and schedule an appointment the traditional way.

For those who can’t get to the phone or simply prefer to utilize other methods, our online scheduling tool is just the ticket you need. On our dealership website, drivers can input their identifying information, then select the best-scheduled block of time our auto repair shop has available and book it instantly! Both of these options are hassle-free, quick, and cut out the stress of waiting in line for your next oil change services or auto repair visit.

Why Should I Shop Val Ward Cadillac?

When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced shopping experience, our auto repair shop continues to stand above the rest. Our team of skilled and certified technicians works tirelessly to ensure your oil change service and auto repair needs are met. We’ve handled thousands of satisfied customers in or around the Fort Myers, FL area over the years, and have continued to be the trusted auto repair shop for our quality services.

Stop in today to Val Ward Cadillac yourself, and within minutes you’ll see how quick and easy auto repair or oil change services can be!

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